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My name is Jackie and I like to take shitty photos, sometimes I string together a fairly good sentence. My imagination is always on overdrive and I have a kickin' life.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Everyone has a dad!" she protested. "Not me!" the curious boy exclaimed, grinning triumphantly as he continued down the path.

I have been struck with a terrible inability to conjure the right words or good enough thoughts to post into cyberspace. I hope it passes soon. So just quickly, life is good at the moment. Actually, what is good is how I feel about it all. I'm in a great state of mind and I hope I can remember how I feel right now, how I felt over the weekend and how I feel when I think about the week ahead so that I can store it all up and use it as a weapon against the inevitable crappiness that comes after a period of sunshine and content.
lots of love,

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