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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One by one the coincidences just kept happening. Silly, magical things that they are.

Been thinking alot about the plans that humans make to comfort themselves and how very rarely those plans go right. While that sounds kind of sooky, I'm actually in awe of the Universes' way of throwing people together. Last night for instance, I was in the most bizarre situation. It was 2.30am, I had just eaten a kebab with a massive group of people that if someone had foreseen would be my friends, I would have slapped. My visions for this year couldn't be any more different to what has actually happened and for some reason this is such a weird and wonderful thing. Which makes me think that making elaborate plans is tempting the God's to muck us around. Like, who do we think we are detailing in our heads how our futures are going to go, like we have some control? It's hubris in a way.
Which makes me think I should never be sure of anything. Not even sure of the fact, I'm going to have a silly, crazy child called Lily, or sure of the fact I WON'T get married. It makes me reconsider everything I know is right and certain which terrfies me. And then after all this thinking has been done and my brain is about to implode, I think well a) thats life. and b) if my plans go awry in life the way they have this year, that's ok. Because, well, the amazing friends I have now, some met through uni and some met through mutual friends, are a living testament to the kick-arseness of a year gone not according to plan.

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