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My name is Jackie and I like to take shitty photos, sometimes I string together a fairly good sentence. My imagination is always on overdrive and I have a kickin' life.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And all the lilies of the Nile turned to face her like the sun.

I keep having visions of a pretty little dark-haired messy girl running around bare foot and drawing on herself. In my head I've named her Lily even though I always swore to myself that the name of my first child would be Willow. She seems more like a Lily though. My visions now also include my friends' silly children. Everything is hazy and happy in these visions and I get little bubbles of excitement thinking about crazy Lily throwing her shoes off in shopping centres and giggling with my friend's babies. I'm terribly in love with the small army of children running around in my head, particularly Lily, because they all remind me that everything is going to be ok. Despite the fact that they are figments of my over-active imagination, the sillyhappy I get when I think about them reiterates the fact that things pass and how I feel at the moment, how any of my friends are feeling, is just a small little phase of what will hopefully be a long and fulfilling life.


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