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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I met him down by the bay, he said life is a stranger that wont go away.

US Historians and a tumblr. :)
OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh deary.
Is it possible that white blank empty computer pages-word documents & blog thingys are the most overwhelming thing in the world? 
Firstly- I have music seeping into my pores and back out again in a continuous cycle at the moment. A good friend/the only person in the world whose music taste I enjoy to the equivalent of my fathers updated my laptop with bundles of new music, Artisan Guns, Vampire Weekends new album (heaven), and indie crazy gypsy group called Rapskallion, Philadelphia Grand Jury plus others and that has been nothing but fantastic. On top of this, I'm going to Vampire Weekend, Tegan and Sara, Angus and Julia Stone and if myself and my pathetic friends can get our shit together-Byron Blues and Roots.

Secondly, I am obviously home from the Philippines, which as always, is defining and scary and wonderful and beautiful and crazy and different. Having Amy by my side was also cool, we had many experiences which can only aptly be described as 'ridiculous.' (Fly fishing dude?)

Thirdly, not only did I arrive home, I arrived home to an empty house as my parents trekked onwards to Vietnam. Empty being the watchword. My life is never, ever empty, thanks in no small part to my mentally retarded, crazy, rat bag friends. They took up semi permanent residency in my house and we had some fun times. Lovely moments like disgusting nights out and hungover days having Mario Kart tournaments and roadtrips to my favourite Brisbane suburbs and eating curry lunches on the sidewalk.

Fourthly, I've got nothing. I'm just insanely excited about everything coming up, I'm scared I'm going to die because nothing could possibly be as exciting as everything in store for me in the next couple of months, possibly the next year. The chocolate men have started landing back on Australian soil, that little fun part of my life is starting again, uni is coming up and my honest to God resolve to actually prove my intelligence is also exciting, a toga party, a 21st, my aunties from Canada and London and my uncle from Germany coming to stay, gahhhhh.
Explosive shit!

My mantra for this year is simply 'balance.'
Very self explanatory. 

February 16th-almost missed it this year. I spend every second day of my year, sometimes hours, sometimes just a seconds thought, contemplating the first 9 years of my life and all that occurred in those days and even everything that happened up 'til I was 15. Will probably spend the rest of my life recovering from those 15 years of 'crazy' and suddenly this day sneaks up on me in the midst of everything happening. So bizarre :S Sometimes I feel like I'm still reeling from those nine years and Feb 16th four years ago but then I remember I fall on my feet like a cat after everything and will continue to do so forever. I survive things with zest, yo, despite being obviously angry and a little more sweary, a little more retarded and a little more cynical. Mechanisms of survival as referred to by my favourite dad (but not my only.)
Everyone has a story that will break your heart, right?

I'm just going to hit Publish Post because I cannot believe I just typed all that shit, in the above paragraph and in fact, the paragraphs preceding.
Ramble ramble, garbage, shit, roar, yawn.
Jack x

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