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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey there Mr. Lovely Moon, you're lonely and you're blue. It's kind of strange the way you change, but then again we all do to.

Currently experiencing the bi-annual bout of ill-temper and anger I get for a week, referred to by my parents as the 'moody blues.' Basically, I'm in a horrendously foul mood that lasts for approximately a week, I have no desire to see anyone and everyone annoys me, plus I have a migraine that lasts just as long. My mood is easily hidden for short periods of time but generally, extended periods with company just set me on edge. I'm not particularly sure why it happens (anger issues, a little birdy whispers in my ear) but after a banana smoothie on the veranda talking life with my dad, it seems to be dissipating slighly. 
I've decided to stop eating red meat as my eyeballs were raped yesterday by a P.E.T.A video featuring the great Paul McCartney called 'If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls.' Yes, well, the title says it all, does it not. I feel bad for chickens but I really, really love chicken far too much. I'd be kidding if I thought I would be able to give it up. And anyway...it's not like it's chicken farts that fucking up the atmosphere. Shitty excuse, yes, but it's all justified in my head. 
The amazingly orgasmic paintings above are by Audrey Kawasaki, a  Japanese lady who is quite simply, fucking genius. Seriously. Check out her website, www.audrey-kawasaki.com, it fills me with delight.

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