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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Her daddy hurt her feelings one too many times when she was small.

My wish for the future is that one day, people will study the female practice of wearing high heels with disgust and outrage in the same way we study the Chinese practice of foot binding.
Errr. My brain feels like it is leaking out of its ear after a night with smelly smokers. Ouchy. 
It just started raining again, and because it's 1.27am, it's okay. But only because it's night and rain is only lovely at night. My sense of impending doom goes nuts in weeks such as this, bleak, sporadically-rainy type days. I wish Mother Nature would get on the meds already, her bipolar 'tude is driving me insane. Make up your mind,woman!
I dislike everything at the moment, except for my new purple doona. It's soft and magical.
Everything is making me angry :( 
Image above and bellow:UShistorians.I heart them, even in my bitchy, raging moods.

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