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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A morbid streak runs through me, but for you I'd put it to rest.

(C) Image is copy righted fully to Bridie Gilman, free spirit and amazing photographer.

Exactly halfway through the week, it was a Wednesday, she wore a dress of sunflowers, he wore a bow tie and a smile, they both slapped their hearts on their sleeves and fell in love. 

So please excuse my excessive posting of rubbish and well, more rubbish. The heat, beach trips, mountain climbing, lung competitions, Vampire Diaries, Fight Club and Diary of a Bad Year have all gotten to me, giving me lots of time to think and lots of moments of inspiration. Leading to this: excessive shit blog posts of my literary moments.
But ja, in a nutshell, mountain climbing, beaching, working, watching Vampire Diaries and reading Fight Club and Diary of a Bad Year has been what I have been doing. 
The heat is making me ridiculously happy, last night the family and I had a candle light dinner on the veranda, it was so balmy and so perfect, despite the hordes of mosquitos dining grandly on my toes. Then the sillies I call my friends turned up and I ended what had been a near perfect week with a Mcdonalds mud muffin with soft serve sitting in the back of Teagans car, parked in the carpark. It was so bogan, so small town teenager that it was almost cool. I had a moment of sentimentality, just quietly. 
Life is good. 

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