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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The man looked at the draw of his shiny silver dessert forks and soup spoons and did not feel how he expected he should. In fact, he felt rather empty. He had proved no point at all with his elaborate cutlery draw

Had an awful night in the Valley on Saturday night bettered only by a cute drunken boy from my yesteryear and the toilets at Cloudland. Rubbed shoulders with the extremes of Valley pretentious elite and it gave me a headache and bundles of food for thought. I was as sober as someone post-liver transplant so was able to crankily observe humanity at one of its worst levels. In Cloudland, I witnessed martini sucking, abstract art buying, business card toting pretentious yuppie types and at the end of the night I witnessed unbathed, red lipsticked, hat wearing non-conformist indie types at Ric’s. Non-conforming to the social practise of buying deodorant apparently. I resent the often ironic pigeon holing these people do. To themselves! The cool kids of Ric’s most likely think they are revelling in individuality and their lack of pretentions, which baffles me because a)they all look the friggin’ same and b) 5% of them are actually as poor as they dress. And at Cloudland, those people to me are just ignorant silly sods who care about dessert forks and whether someone lives in West End or South Brisbane. (Apparently there is a big difference.)
Anyway, rant rant rant.

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